Constructive Leadership (Life Styles Inventory)

Measuring leadership effectiveness

The Human Synergistics Life Style Inventory (LSI) is one of the most powerful self assessment tools for describing leadership behaviours. This workshop prepares the leader to receive their personal profile (LSI1) by revealing the circumplex and describing the 12 behavioural styles. Where an assessment by others (LSI2) has also been undertaken, the workshop will describe the differences between self assessment and assessment by others and prepare leaders to receive results, which sometimes appear quite conflicted. A deep dive into the 12 behavioural styles is conducted to illustrate how these style play out in workplaces.

  • This workshop is run AFTER a leader has completed the LSI profile questionnaire but BEFORE the results are revealed. This is done to avoid the potential for bias in the survey responses and also to accelerate the leaders ability to absorb the results and move through the cycle of AWARENESS to ACCEPTANCE to ACTION

Category: Leadership

Session duration: 1 day

Session size: Minimum 6, No Maximum

Who should attend: Executives, Senior Managers, Emerging Leaders, HR Leaders