Leadership & Culture Program

The program that marks a turning point in how we choose to operate

Leading Culture’s Leadership and Culture Series will change the way you lead.

Commencing with a series of assessments, each leader will receive a baseline assessment of their leadership effectiveness and organisational culture performance from their manager, peers and direct reports.

Over 12 months, these results are transformed into a development program, with organisational leaders working on issues unique to their teams.

Every six weeks, leaders come together and work through topics such as understanding emotional intelligence, motivation and rewards, neuroscience and leadership pathway mapping.

Supported by confidential one to one coaching, the leader puts to work the insights discussed in the master classes while working on delivering the leadership and culture plan, designed specifically for them.

After 12 months, a full re-assessment is conducted to measure and reveal progress in leadership effectiveness and constructive culture development.
Insights gained by leaders across the program never fail to deliver profound personal and professional change.

  • 12 month program
  • Baseline measures of culture and leadership at commencement
  • 360 degree feedback on leadership effectiveness
  • 6 weekly Leadership & Culture master classes
  • Dedicated coaching throughout the program
  • Re-test at 12 months to measure leaders progress

Category: Leadership

Session duration: 12 month program

Session size: n/a

Who should attend: Executives, Senior Managers, Emerging Leaders, HR Leaders, Change Specialists