Leadership Lab

Putting leadership skills to the test

Leadership Lab

Leading Culture’s signature program is the Leadership Lab which provides intensive simulation of real business issues, designed to match the experiences faced by leaders in your organisation. Leadership Lab tests the core leadership, teamwork and relationship skills of your people across a two day program using a tight learning loop approach.
Leadership Lab
The learners will assemble and be given roles and tasks to perform in a simulated environment, that approximate the roles inside your business. The learner may work across several roles during the program which ensures they spend time in other leaders shoes.

There will be major and minor crises to deal with as well as the range of day to day issues that occur in the life of a leader. Depending on your business, participants may present to the Board, give evidence in Fair Work Australia, design a marketing campaign, arrest a disturbing sales slump, or deal with urgent media issues. All the while they must manage teams, deal with clients, family life and everything else that the modern workplace throws at them, including those awkward inter-generational issues that seem to appear from nowhere.

Category: Leadership

Session duration: 1 - 3 days

Session size: Min 8, Max 16

Who should attend: Senior Managers, Emerging Leaders