Leading A Multi-Generational Workforce

From Boomers to Gen Z, the challenges are profound

For the first time in history, there are four generations of men and women working side by side in most workplaces. Each generation has very different expectations of organisations and their leaders. The challenge for leaders at every level is to understand what drives, motivates and inspires the different generations to perform at their best. This workshop explores the reasons why we are seeing an intergenerational crunching of gears in many workplaces and provides leaders with skills to navigate the challenges.

  • Why do baby boomers still dominate workplaces and what are the implications?
  • Why have Gen X women opted out of corporate life in huge numbers?
  • Will Gen Y settle into long term careers or continue to change jobs on a whim?
  • What should we expect of Gen Z and learn why they will be different again from any generation that we have seen before

Category: Leadership

Session duration: 1/2 day

Session size: Minimum 6, No Maximum

Who should attend: Executives, Senior Managers, Emerging Leaders, HR Leaders