Leading Culture Change

The courage to confront sacred cows

Leaders shape culture. Leaders enable culture change and often their ingrained behaviour prevents culture change. This master class explores organisational culture and the impacts that leaders have on enabling constructive culture. During this workshop, leaders will be challenged to bring to the surface aspects of their organisational life which are not usually spoken about – the sacred cows. The sacred cows are protected by elaborate processes and systems that re-inforce certain beliefs. If leaders want culture to change, then this deep examination must first occur.

  • Reveal how your organisational culture positions your business in an organisational maturity framework
  • Learn what aspects of organisational life must be dealt with to kick start a culture change program

Category: Leadership

Session duration: 1 day

Session size: Minimum 6, No Maximum

Who should attend: Executives, Senior Managers, Emerging Leaders, HR Leaders, Change Specialists