Motivation, Threats and Rewards

You call that a reward!

The rulebook on how reward systems work in business is completely flawed. Consequently, the nature of reward, recognition, threat and punishment has been so confused that most businesses who offer rewards and bonuses would see improved performance if they saved the money. We will also reveal how easy it is for leaders to unwittingly create perpetual states of high anxiety and constant stress because they misunderstand ‘reward’ and ‘threat’. This workshop will alter the way leaders think about motivation and is likely to result in a review of your reward systems.

  • Understand how human brains perceive threat and reward, and how this applies in day to day work situations
  • Learn why intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are different and why the potential reward at the end makes no difference in most situations
  • Hear about the workplaces that get it right and see how effective and powerful it is when done properly

Category: Leadership

Session duration: 1/2 day

Session size: Minimum 6, No Maximum

Who should attend: Executives, Senior Managers, Emerging Leaders, HR Leaders