Learning to be a leader is a deeply personal journey and is entirely context related.


There are thousands of self-help and instant fix leadership books available today, but they work about as well as the thousands of diet and weight loss books that also pack the shelves. This is because learning to be a leader or improving one’s leadership capability is a deeply personal journey and is entirely context related.

Becoming an effective leader occurs through a combination of:

  • Actual experience in a leadership role
  • Constructive and supportive 360 degree feedback and understanding the impact the leader has on others
  • Deep reflection on your own values and beliefs and understanding how that impacts on your leadership style
  • Assessment of leadership models and integrating these into your work systems
  • Experiential learning activities which test the leader under a range of conditions
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Incorporating neuroscience into leadership – how the brain works and the behaviours that result when under stress
  • Understanding motivation and rewards

Leading culture works with existing leadership teams and one on one to provide a range of experiences, tools and very personal learning experiences which enable leaders to grow their leadership capability and effectiveness.

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