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Our Philosophy

Leadership and thriving culture separates the best from the rest.

What We Do

Spanning more than 30 years, John Brennan has an unparalleled understanding of how complex and expert businesses and their cultures work. He uses that knowledge to quickly assess business situations and deliver solutions that add immediate and sustained value.
Leadership & Culture
We offer a range of short and long term solutions that increase leadership capability and constructive culture. Leading Culture programs are goal focused and work across agreed time periods, connecting personal results to required business outcomes.
Business Transformation
Leading Culture is highly experienced at leading complex business transformation. Transformation occurs when fundamental, whole of business changes occur that alter the way a business operates and engages with its customers. Business transformation should always seek to positively impact employees and improve the quality of work. Leading Culture has the expertise to manage the interconnected risks across systems, process and people change.
Strategy and Risk
Leading Culture offers unrivalled experience in strategy development coupled with expert risk integration. Strategy design and risk assessment must be combined and deployed dynamically to be effective. Leading Culture insights are valued by boards and executive teams for their holistic and practical approach.
Organisational & Personal Resilience
Resilience is the super capability for businesses and individuals. Leading Culture offers clever solutions that embed resilience into teams whilst developing capability within individuals. The Leading Culture approach normalises setbacks as every day events, develops skills and habits to recover quickly and maintain momentum.

How to engage us

We have three models of engagement and tailor our approach to suit you and your organisation's needs.

Interim Executive

Sometimes a new opportunity arises and the need for an experienced leader is required to create momentum, whilst longer term solutions are developed.  Leading Culture’s interim executive solution fills the gap for a few weeks to several months.

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Business Solutions

Many businesses just don’t have the bandwidth or the experience to develop solutions for the next set of problems.  Leading Culture specialises in ‘white label’ solutions that allow CEO’s and C-suite executives to sleep at night.

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With a range of approaches and diagnostics available, Leading Culture is your trusted partner for coaching services for individuals and teams.

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“John is an accomplished senior executive with extensive experience across human resources, organisational development and leadership as well as strategic planning and execution.”

Andrew Schuette

“In my culture, I was brought up to be quiet, deferential.  That was having a negative effect at work. People were taking advantage of me.  Working with John, I’ve learnt and practiced skills to speak up and be more confident.”

“I was being held back by my past. The voice in my head kept telling me I wasn’t good enough. The storytelling part of the John’s coaching was wrenching, but cathartic.  I am a strong and successful woman because of what I have been through”

“I was ready to move forward, so this program came at a great time.  Probably the best part was being able to confidently walk into job interviews, knowing who I was and what my story was. When you discover your purpose, it is a powerful thing.”

“I have become a better listener and more considered about the perspective of others. I don’t jump to conclusions as much anymore”

“At times in my life I thought I was losing my mind. The people and activities that I used to enjoy no longer interested me. I was getting angry and frustrated too easily.  I felt like I no longer fitted in. When John took me through the program it was a relief.  It was a very emotional experience. Since then, I’ve reset my expectations and my goals and not looked back”

“I did the coaching program for work, but it has also had a big impact at home.  Because of what I applied, I am a better parent after doing this program.”

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