Leading Culture is your trusted partner for coaching services for individuals and teams, offering a range of approaches and diagnostics.

Leading Culture’s philosophy is that coaching relationships should be have clear goals and timeframes. Most corporate coaching relationships should start to see tangible results within six months and have achieved their objectives within 12 months. Any longer and this may be a signal that the relationship is benefitting the coach more than it is the client.

When looking for a coach, ask them what their experience is in the pressure cooker environment that you face? If they don’t know what it’s like to stand in your shoes, then give Leading Culture a call and speak to John.

Speak to Leading Culture about:

  • One on one coaching – understand yourself, unlock blind spots, develop success habits
  • Emerging leader coaching – high potential talent or new leaders
  • Group coaching – management teams in transition or crisis
  • Culture coaching – for teams wanting to take the journey of improving organisational culture
  • Executive transition coaching – assisting new executives in the transition to executive leadership