Our Philosophy

Determining your purpose is the most important thing that you will ever do.

Your purpose is not described by what you do, but why you do it.

It is impossible to fully understand ‘purpose’ until you’ve found yours. After that everything becomes clear. You see things and make connections that others cannot. Complexity is simplified and your ability to judge situations and make better choices increases.

My purpose is to build connection across complex systems.  Strategy, risk, leadership and culture are all complex systems. The complexity arises because they are human systems. And human systems operate through connection. When the connection is strong, the systems operate well and can overcome almost any disturbance.  But when connection is weak, systems break down or work in conflict with each other.

At my core, I am a teacher and a coach. As a leader I create more leaders by teaching others how to thrive and lead in complex systems, increase connection and hopefully discover their purpose along the way.

My values
  • Dream big,
  • Be generous,
  • Give everything, every day