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23 Sep

21st century risk management – the era of mega risks

The current COVID-19 pandemic is a global catastrophe on a scale that we’ve never experienced in business. It has forced choices upon us that a year ago we never thought possible – community versus economy, health versus wealth, freedom versus conformance, prioritising who to save and who to let die. In Australia, we are turning […]

07 Jul

Job and process design – keep the customer in mind

I get my take-away coffee from a busy little laneway café. It’s good coffee, served by two diligent and friendly characters called Roy and Gus. There is a casual familiarity. When it’s quiet (which is rare) they are happy to chat.  When it’s busy (mostly) they give a knowing nod to acknowledge your presence, mentally log your order and get […]

09 Apr

Diversity is the First Casualty of Productivity Improvement

Near death experiences tend to change people’s behaviour.  They see things differently and begin to behave in ways that they never thought would have been possible prior to the life changing event. For businesses in the disability sector, the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is an organisational version of the ‘near death experience’. […]

15 Nov
Women In Business

Your workplace is about to change like never before

I recently read the autobiography of Fay Marles. You may not know her name but she was an extraordinarily important leader in changing how Australian workplaces operate. She was the first Equal Opportunity Commissioner in Victoria, appointed in 1979 after the legislation was enacted. Ms Marles’ landmark achievement was to successfully facilitate a sex discrimination […]