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19 Mar

HR and Risk have merged – they just don’t realise it yet

If HR and Risk Management were single people looking for meaningful relationships and stumbled across each other on Tinder, they would probably swipe left and move to the next potential match. What they don’t realise is how compatible they are. They are both dog people, they love to keep fit, travel, cook and both believe they have […]

20 Nov

Culture on trial

Thanks to the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, board directors and executives across Australia are dissecting organisational culture. This is simultaneously a blessing and a curse. As a two-decade leadership and culture professional, I am delighted to see this most critical area of organisational life, one that I […]

20 Sep

Generating positive change in expert cultures

What is an expert culture? Expert cultures exist in absolutes. There is a way of doing something that is the right way and then there is everything else. In this world inputs are valued as highly or higher than outcomes. Rules abound and are generally clear. Where they are not, outliers are made aware of […]

19 May
Transparency of courage

The courage of transparency

It happens in every business, at some point. A manager oversteps the mark and the robustness of the internal complaints system is tested. It might be that murky area when legitimate performance management action becomes workplace bullying or perhaps one of the several forms of discrimination. What happens next reveal insights into leadership and culture […]

20 Apr
HR Essentials

Five key factors that determine organisational culture

From the beginning of time, human behaviour has remained very predictable.  One of the most predictable aspects of human behaviour is that tension and conflict inevitably arise when two or more people are required to work together to achieve an outcome.  That is a good thing.  Tension and conflict are necessary conditions to achieve a […]

09 Apr

Diversity is the First Casualty of Productivity Improvement

Near death experiences tend to change people’s behaviour.  They see things differently and begin to behave in ways that they never thought would have been possible prior to the life changing event. For businesses in the disability sector, the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is an organisational version of the ‘near death experience’. […]

28 Mar

Germanwings tragedy reveals lack of understanding about mental illness

In the days following the tragic Germanwings disaster, where it appears that Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz committed mass murder by steering his airliner into the French Alps, authorities have been quick to release their discovery that he suffered from depression and may have hidden this illness from his employer. In response to these revelations, media worldwide […]