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27 Feb
Employee Engagement

The trouble with employee engagement

It is a familiar scene. The Head of HR is presenting engagement results to the Board and the numbers look pretty good. 65% of the workforce are ‘engaged’, 20% are neutral and 15% are ‘disengaged’. Like every good HR Professional, she has done her homework and pre-empted the questions. How does this compare with external […]

29 Jan
Uncertainty in workplaces

Providing certainty in uncertain times

Although having fallen out of fashion in recent years, we used to see lists published periodically of those jobs with the highest satisfaction ratings. Job or employee satisfaction as a concept isn’t very sexy anymore. About ten years ago we moved on to employee engagement as the ‘must have’ indicator. More recently we moved again […]

24 Jan
Are You Preparing For The New World of Work?

Are You Preparing For The New World of Work?

With the arrival of a new year, political debate in Australia has turned to industrial relations and the unsustainable impediments to productivity, such as penalty rates, minimum wages and the like. The Productivity Commission has signalled a wide ranging review, designed to ‘bust myths’ about Australia’s workplace laws. We can expect the usual tiresome debate, […]

15 Nov
Gail Kelly

A salute to Gail Kelly

Gail Kelly, CEO of Westpac Bank is retiring in February 2015. Including her time at St George Bank, she has been one of Australia’s highest profile female CEO’s for the last 13 years. In an interview on the day Ms Kelly publicly announced her retirement, she was asked earnestly by senior business journalists “how she […]

15 Nov
Women In Business

Your workplace is about to change like never before

I recently read the autobiography of Fay Marles. You may not know her name but she was an extraordinarily important leader in changing how Australian workplaces operate. She was the first Equal Opportunity Commissioner in Victoria, appointed in 1979 after the legislation was enacted. Ms Marles’ landmark achievement was to successfully facilitate a sex discrimination […]

15 Nov
The Power of Trust

The Power of Trust

There are times in your career when things just seem to fall into place. The team you work with gets along well, the work may be challenging but rewarding and results are good. Getting up each day and going to work is fun. You look forward to it and most days are energising. Does this […]