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20 Jul

Melbourne’s COVID19 moment of truth

I’ve been watching the global pandemic data accumulate for months now. Like many, I’ve been trying to make sense of trends and patterns. Where is Covid19 having the most impact? Who will be affected? Who is managing it best? There appear to be increasingly predictable causation branches that can operate independently, but dramatically increase in […]

04 Jul

Looking out for your workmates’ mental health

The descent begins with the signs of disengagement: Missing deadlines; Not letting go of issues or re-prosecuting decisions that have already been made; Deficit language and constantly finding fault; Sarcasm, cynicism; As it progresses, they become quiet, and increasingly invisible: Physical separation from others – arriving last to meetings, sitting at the end of the […]

19 May
Transparency of courage

The courage of transparency

It happens in every business, at some point. A manager oversteps the mark and the robustness of the internal complaints system is tested. It might be that murky area when legitimate performance management action becomes workplace bullying or perhaps one of the several forms of discrimination. What happens next reveal insights into leadership and culture […]

28 Mar

Germanwings tragedy reveals lack of understanding about mental illness

In the days following the tragic Germanwings disaster, where it appears that Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz committed mass murder by steering his airliner into the French Alps, authorities have been quick to release their discovery that he suffered from depression and may have hidden this illness from his employer. In response to these revelations, media worldwide […]